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Transformex CC is a 100% black women-owned, SANAS accredited B-BBEE Verification Agency (BVA151)


To make a meaningful contribution to the growth and productivity of the economy, by encouraging transformation through effective and factual auditing of BEE credentials. Creating sustainable employment for unemployed graduates in South Africa.

Why Transformex?

We provide efficient BEE verifications whilst maintaining exemplary customer service. Our 100% black women-owned, EME status gives the added benefit of earning the maximum points available on spend towards Transformex. As an EME, early payments (less than 15 days from invoice date) can also contribute towards Supplier Development. We are passionate about Transformex.

Our Value Statement

We at Transformex: Are driven to serve our clients Believe in developing a better future, ethical business practices and creating equal opportunities for all people. Believe that there is always room for improvement, and thus strive to always do better. Trust and respect one another

Quality Objective

Providing cost effective, efficient and credible BEE verification services (based on the Codes of Good Practice on B-BBEE) Ethical practices and competent personnel Ensuring confidence in the use of Transformex to all stakeholders


To make a meaningful contribution to the growth and productivity of the economy by encouraging businesses to implement transformation through the effective and factual auditing of their BEE credentials and to create employment which is sustainable for unemployed graduates in South Africa in a fairly new industry.


To deliver quality verification services nationwide while aiding in the economic empowerment of all South Africans.

What We Do


    1. Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME), Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) and Generic B-BBEE Verifications for DTI codes as well as Specialised Sector Codes.

    2. Ownership certificates

    3. Scenario and Pre-assessment analysis (does not include consulting)

    4. Training and Development for B-BBEE analysts and transformation staff

Skills Development

At Transformex we believe that we are only as good as our staff, and as such, invest in constant development of of our employees.

We have developed training material for a Learnership in B-BBEE, focused on analysis of Broad-Based Empowerment as per the Codes of Good Practice. This also includes soft skills such as Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

Our model is employing unemployed graduates through an internship, creating competent and well-rounded professionals.


Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) Certificates
QSE Scorecard and Certificate
Generic Scorecard and Certificate
Industry Charter Scorecards
BEE Profiling of industries

Benefits of Independent BEE Verification

  • Align with National Development Strategies for Economic Growth and Development.
  • Safeguard income by eliminating “fronting entities” as competitors
  • Opportunity to fast-track BEE supplier identification for procurement officers
  • BEE credentials from a SANAS accredited agency
  • Potential to increase customer contact through our supplier database, accessible to corporate buyers.
  • Create additional opportunities for joint-venture partnerships and co-operatives.
  • Contribute to the transformation of the South African Economy.
  • BEE Scorecards

    What is a TransformEX BEE Scorecard?


    A TransformeX BEE Scorecard is an independent verification or audit of a company’s BEE credential. The company will receive a detailed report of its BEE credential in addition to a certificate of BEE compliance.

    The audit is based on the methodology and principles contained in the Codes of Good Practice on BEE released by the Department of Trade and Industry on 9 February 2007.


    Measurement Criteria

    The BEE Scorecard has 5 compulsory elements* of empowerment deemed to drive transformation in South Africa

    1. BEE Ownership
    2. Management control
    3. Skills Development
    4. Enterprise and Supplier Development
    5. Socio-Economic Development

    Based on the DTI codes, may vary for sector specific codes.

    Scoring Table

    Company type Turnover Scorecard
    Exempt micro enterprise Less than R10 million Ownership certificate
    Qualifying small enterprise Between R10 million and R50 million QSE Scorecard or Ownership Certificate (51%+ Black Ownership)
    Generic (Large) Enterprises Greater than R50 million Generic scorecard

    Based on the DTI codes, may vary for specialised scorecards.

    BEE Verification Process

    Step 1

    Engaging Transformex

    Step 2

    Pre-Site Visit

    Step 3

    Analysis and Preliminary Verification

    Step 4

    Final Site Visit

    Step 5

    Issuing of BEE Certificate and Addition to Database

    BEE Procurement Recognition Levels

    Once a company’s BEE credentials are verified and a score is determined, the company is classified according to the Codes of Good Practice Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) BEE Procurement Recognition Level indicated below.

    Company contribution level Qualification BEE procurement recognition
    Level One Contributor >=100 135%
    Level Two Contributor >=95~<100 125%
    Level Three Contributor >=90~<95 110%
    Level Four Contributor >=80~<90 100%
    Level Five Contributor >=75~<80 80%
    Level Six Contributor >=70~<75 60%
    Level Seven Contributor >=55~<70 50%
    Level Eight Contributor >=40~<55 10%
    Non-Compliant Contributor <40 0%

    Based on the DTI codes, may vary for specialised scorecards.

    Policies and Procedures

    Privacy policy

    Transformex and its associates, agents and employees, are committed to respecting the privacy of our clients' confidential data. All information submitted to Transformex will be handled in a confidential manner and shall not be shared with any third party, (unless required by law) or unless specific written permission by the client is provided to Transformex.

    Impartiality Policy

    Impartiality and objectivity are the fundamentals of effective and consistent BEE verification. Transformex therefore adopts a policy that ensures impartiality in all of the company activities and relationships. This policy compels Transformex members, managers and staff to undertake their companyassociated responsibilities with diligence, accuracy and professionalism; and that they comply with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Any person representing the company in any capacity what so ever must avoid ethical, legal, financial, or any other actual or apparent conflicts of interest and ensure that their personal activities and interests do not conflict with their obligations to the company or its welfare.Transformex is furthermore committed to identifying, managing and resolving any threats to impartiality that may arise from its activities.

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